Year of the Ex-Men

Never mind that this year belongs to the Sheep. The cosmos is busy regurgitating old flames and flings and liberally strewing them in my present. If there is a message in all this, the Force had better print it out in 36 point font and read it out loud. Enunciating every last word.

I’m quite ambivalent on how to handle the latest situation. Here’s the skinny:

  1. It was definitely a fling
  2. A long time ago
  3. For a very short time
  4. Ended amicably with no regrets or expectations
  5. No contact since
  6. Back in touch by pure chance

We’re going to meet in about a week or so for a drink. My first instinct is to paste on a polite face and have an uncomfortable and stilted conversation and be done with it. I’m already tying myself into knots over one Ex-Man, why even bother with another?

On the other hand, I thought he was a nice guy then and we were friends. So, why not be true to that and try to have a real connection? After all, he is someone who touched my life (and then some…haha!). I have a good world now and as far as I know, he does too. I’m not looking to renew this friendship or carry it forward but I would like for him to think that there is still a little bit of the girl he knew then.

There is something cozily familiar in talking with an old lover. (Not all of them – mind, not all of them. Definitely not). In recounting your life since you parted from each other, you can have a sense of abandon and just be honest. It’s as though the stories of joy, success, hurt and failure have a better chance of receiving a sympathetic reception from someone who once liked you.

At the very least, you don’t really have to care too much about being judged by them – so, why the stage effects? At best, they leave thinking that there was a good reason why you two were once involved. And even better, if they were the ones who ended it, they might even feel a faint twinge of regret!

My challenge will be to gauge his take on our meeting before deciding on my persona.

Could be a very quick gin & tonic or a nice evening with an old friend.


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