Simple Syrup

Sometimes you stumble upon a perfectly unexpected and delicious cocktail. You wouldn’t think that the ingredients would work together but somehow, they do. Like muddled basil, watermelon and lime juice with a healthy slug of white rum on ice and topped with soda water and a dash of black pepper. Or equal parts of Powell & Mahoney’s Ginger Cocktail Mixer  and Marker’s Mark whiskey on ice with good quality (non-sweet) ginger beer. Unpredictably tasty.

You seemed far too sophisticated for my modest palate. Kind of like Hypnotiq – the startlingly blue liqueur. Even it’s description is intimidating: A Refreshing Blend of Premium French Vodka, Exotic Fruit Juices, and a Touch of Cognac. I think this actually describes you quite well too – A Refreshing Blend of Boyish Charm, Exceedingly Good Looks and a Touch of Danger.  I remember gazing at you in some wonder while dismissing any possibility of any shaking or stirring!

Perhaps meeting at a wedding somehow upped my Wine Spectator score. Or you were just in the mood for the unexpected.  The result was quite intriguing – effervescent, just sweet enough, somewhat spicy and wholly refreshing.  It was not obvious why it worked. Just that it did.

When I meet old lovers, I check them out to see if they still have the qualities that attracted me to them and if they have remained nice human beings.  Then, for extra credit, I look to see if I still seem attractive to them. If both parts are true, I tell myself that even back then, my instinct and taste weren’t off. It’s a good feeling. Most often, there is no spark, just a tacit acknowledgement of time and affection shared.

With you, it’s always a rush. Like we each have new flavors to try out in the mix as well as make up for the time we’ve been apart by tasting the oldies and goodies.  Inevitably, reality intervenes and we part.  Instead of finding this bittersweet, I’m learning to savor the heady moments.

I can’t put a name to our cocktail or list the ingredients. Just an evolving combination of two people who met by chance.  It is just that Simple.


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