Does great sex really look like this?

I like watching a woman having sex in movies.  Particularly, her face. Before you ask me if I also buy booby magazines for the articles  – let me explain.

In non-porn movies, when  a couple is enjoying sex, the camera lingers on her face. Covered in a faint sheen of perspiration, make up intact, she often has her eyes closed, head thrown back and breasts arched.  At first, her breath comes in bursts as though she is exercising control and restraint; then she builds up to moaning, mewling and entreaties as the momentum rises. And as they apparently reach a simultaneous climax, she keens on a rising scale or exhales audibly on a falling one as her body thrashes, arches completely – bow-like and then, relaxes in complete satiation and bliss.

So, all the moaning and arching – is this for real ? Or is this what women think great sex should look and sound like? I must confess to emulation and fall into the latter camp. I can’t quite bring myself to scream but definitely enhance the heavy breathing.  While it is great fun having sex, sadly, I never have climaxed. Certainly nothing that felt like she looked.

Frankly, I’m envious of  that actress – I yearn to feel what she’s portraying.  Clearly, just the arching and moaning isn’t getting me there.  Duh.

Tell me truly, you orgasmic-ladies, do you really feel like the lady in the movie looks?


3 thoughts on “Does great sex really look like this?

  1. I have only had this with a couple of partners. I personally get off being sexy (sounds strange, but bear with me) if you act like you’re really turned on, you start to turn yourself on. I hope that one day you do get to experience climaxing like this!


  2. The women I’ve been with scream, arch their backs, lock on my back with their hands. I know that when they climax they hold their breath because all of their muscles contract and when its over its like they just got done with one hell of a workout, and if its with me. It is a workout.


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