Sex and Bryan Ferry

I never did make love with him. Or with Bryan Ferry, for that matter.  But whenever I listen to Bryan Ferry – especially the song “More than this”, I can only think about sex and this boy I once loved. Together but not really – you understand? The peculiar thing is that I’ve never had sex while listening to Mr.Ferry either. So, not a case of transposed memory. And, by his own admission, he’s not familiar with Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry.

It’s kind of the anti-riddle to the boatman with a tiger, a goat and a bundle of grass wanting to cross a river. Bryan Ferry, sex and this man have never been coincident and certainly not with me – and yet, in me, they combust.  It is a complete sensory overload from the very first note. A loose-limbed feeling of exquisite awareness.  Not at all unpleasant, I assure you – I’ve repeated the experiment just to be sure!  Just a bit unexpected and baffling.

I fantasize and wonder that if ever we ever do get to make love/have sex/make out whether I should insist on playing Roxy Music. Perhaps actualizing the trifecta will reveal the truths of the universe and the laws of space-time continuum will no longer be violated!

I will gladly make it so. Of course, just for the truth & universe  discovery part,  you understand. Bryan Ferry would approve.


2 thoughts on “Sex and Bryan Ferry

    1. Well – if you manage to engineer a confluence of the three elements and ALL is revealed, do let me know. I’ll bust a gut to jump this guy. Ha ha.


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